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In this article:
1. How to Jump start a car with cables?
2. How to Jump start a car with Jump Pack Battery Booster?

Easy steps and guide to jump-starting a car with jump lead.

Look for a willing person with a car that has a fully charged battery with the same voltage as yours (usually 12 volts).

1. Please ensure that both cars are properly aligned side by side.


      • Park both cars close enough so their batteries can be easily accessed, but not touching.

      • Please ensure that the handbrakes are engaged and the ignition is turned off.

    2. Connect the red jump lead


        • Connect the positive (+) terminal of the working battery to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery using the red jump lead.

      3. Connect the black jump lead


          • First, take the black jump lead and connect it to the negative (-) terminal on the functioning battery. Next, attach the other end of the lead to an earthing point, such as unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis, that is located far away from the flat battery and fuel system.

        4. Start the other car


            • Turn off both engines for 3 minutes before starting the working car’s engine and letting it run for 1 minute.

          5. Start your car


              • Turn on the engine in the car with a flat battery.

            6. Let both cars run


                • Leave both cars to idle, at a fast pace, for around 10 minutes.

              7. Turn off and disconnect


                  • Turn off both cars’ engines and carefully disconnect the leads in the reverse order to the way they were connected (remove the black lead from your car first and finish with the red lead from the other car).

                  • Make sure the leads don’t touch one another, or either car, as you remove them.

                8. Restart your car


                    • Try turning the key in the ignition and see if your car starts.

                  9. Call for help


                      • If your car won’t start there’s probably a more serious problem requiring professional help.

                      • If you are still having trouble, you can reach us by phone at: 0743 544 8207
                      • We will be happy to help 24/7.

                    How to jump start a car with a battery booster pack

                    Jump Start Manchester - Vehicle Breakdown - How to Jump start a car with jump pack battery booster

                    If you find yourself unable to start your car due to a dead battery, a battery booster pack can come in handy. It is important to ensure that the battery is in good condition and not leaking before attempting to jump start it with a booster pack. Additionally, it is recommended to remove any metal jewellery or dangling clothing before proceeding.


                    Here are the steps to follow when using a car battery booster pack:

                    • Check the battery booster pack to ensure that it is fully charged and place it on a stable surface. Avoid placing it on the engine as it may fall off during use.
                    • Connect the red positive (+) jump lead from the battery pack to the positive (+) terminal of the car battery.
                    • Connect the black negative (-) jump lead to an earthing point on your car, preferably unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis.
                    • Switch on the battery booster pack.
                    • Try to start the car by turning the key in the ignition. If the car fails to start after a few attempts, there may be a more serious problem that requires professional assistance. Contact us at 0743 544 8207 if you need help.
                    • Allow the engine to run for approximately 5 minutes if it starts. After 5 minutes, switch off the booster pack and let the engine run for an additional 5 to 10 minutes.
                    • Turn off the engine and disconnect the leads in reverse order (black lead first, then red lead).
                    • Attempt to restart the car by turning the key in the ignition.

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